The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

Vince Lombardi


to give a new meaning to the concept of 'Business Cards'

Our Motivation

In real life, we faced a lot of problems while managing and handling business cards and we know you face them too. We made up our mind to solve these problems with a really simple solution - Cardinbox.

Our Belief

Our Belief

We truly believe that if we can help 10 people save just 10 minutes from the mundane work of updating and organizing their business cards, then the 100 minutes saved may allow them to build the next big thing ! So while you build the next big thing, we will make sure that we maximize your time saved.

Our Vision

We have a vision where business cards impart an identity to a person; where people need not introduce themselves ever again; where organizations and individuals are connected in ways which will solve all communication problems.

Meet Our Team

know the talented young minds behind Cardinbox.

  • Nachiket Parab

    Nachiket Parab

    Founder, CEO

    Nachiket’s love for duality is shown by his expertise in product development as well as business development. Mix a bit of ninja programming skills as well. He manages a little bit of many things in a variety of roles and makes sure that the team is always focused.

    In his free time, he plays the piano and devours books !

    “Whatever you do, make sure it is worth your damn time."

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  • Rishabh Nag

    Rishabh Nag

    Founder, Head of Business

    Having an MBA in Marketing, Rishabh has experience in strategy consultancy, consumer insights, branding & advertising. He believes that business development starts and ends with the customer.

    A petrolhead by definition, Rishabh is also a TV show junkie (Think Top Gear, Shark Tank, Narcos, Silicon Valley...and the list continues)

    “Life is simple. Think inside the box before you start thinking out of it."

  • Rohit Agharkar

    Rohit Agharkar

    Mentor - Finance

    A Chartered Accountant by profession having more than 3 years of experience in the field of internal audit, risk management assurance and information systems audit, Rohit strongly advocates that there is no alternative to hard work, dedication and perseverance. He believes that life can get as complicated as one wants it to be; so he values simplicity a lot.

    He is passionate about photography and an ardent follower of football.

    “Always think today is better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.”

  • Anay Mapuskar

    Anay Mapuskar

    Mentor - Marketing

    A marketing professional with an experience of 4 years in the domains of advertising, consumer insights, brand building and development. He is passionate about communication and design, someone who is always curious, loves experimenting and believes in simple solutions.

    In his free time, most often he is on a bike journey.

    “Anything that gets your pulse racing, is worth doing.”