Frequently Asked Questions

Cardinbox is a digital platform for your business card. It provides you a streamlined experience while managing and exchanging your business card. We bring you this experience via our smartphone apps. So instead of carrying a stack of your cards, simply install our app and start using our platform to exchange the digitized version of your card.

  • Download the app on your smartphone.
  • Sign up & log in.
  • Under “My Card” tab, simply use the option to upload your card images.
  • We make sure that your card is digitized and good to go.
  • You get notified when everything is perfect.
  • You can then start sharing your card with other Cardinbox users.

A physical business card is the one which you carry around in your wallet. A digitized business card is the one which you will now be able carry in your smartphone.
Our process is as follows:

  • You upload the card side images via our App.
  • We transcribe all the details such as addresses, phone numbers etc. from your business card using various intricate techniques and convert it into digital content.
  • What you get at the end is a business card ready to be shared digitally via our App.

Currently, we verify ownership of a business card based on a match between full name provided by you during account creation step and the full name present on the business card. This is one of the steps we take to make sure that false identities do not crop up. If the name on the card and name entered by you do not match, then the card will be rejected.

Nope. You can download our smartphone App for free.

Yes, you need an internet connection to use Cardinbox App. We are already working on an offline version which we will release as an update very soon.

Yes, absolutely ! And it would be amazing if you get in touch with us at so that we can assist you with the process and provide great service and experience.

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