Frequently Asked Questions

Cardinbox is a platform to seamlessly share, store and search the right business cards. Every digital business card reduces the need to print and carry paper business cards. All the business cards you use for work are stored in one place, and can be accessed at all times, from any device. Having your business cards with you at all times makes it easy to convert every introduction into a long term business connection. Make your business cards work for you. Click here to download Cardinbox and check it out yourself.
Absolutely, may be. Cardinbox is a digital solution for anyone who already uses or wants to use business cards to communicate their business information.
Cardinbox is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

After downloading the app from your store, follow these 3 steps to getting started with Cardinbox:

i) Activate your account and become visible

  • Sign up by entering the required information to create your account
  • You will receive a verification OTP on the provided email address
  • Enter the OTP in the app to confirm your email address and activate your account

ii) Complete your profile

After logging in, go to your Profile in the Settings tab
  • Add your profile picture so your business contacts, old and new can recognize you and request to connect with you on Cardinbox
  • Your name, designation and company information can be mentioned in the ‘Headline’ to give people a better idea of your professional background
  • You need not add your contact information in your profile, as this will be a part of your card, making your information more secure and not publicly visible

iii) Set up your card

  • Go to ‘My Card’ and click ‘Set up card’ in the top right corner. To set up card, we require front and back images of your existing business card. You can either click images from camera or choose card images from your gallery to upload them and let the app take care of the rest. Your contact information will get transcribed into your digital business card
We guarantee 100% accurate transcription of information from your business card. To maintain the accuracy the information is processed and authenticated on our end, which may take from a few minutes upto 8 business hours.
You can add another user’s card to your inbox by either scanning their QR code, or adding their OTP in your ‘Add Card’ feature. You can also search for another user using their Cardinbox Username, or First and Last name and send them a request to connect. In this case, their approval is required via the app for you to receive their card information in your inbox.
You can share your card with others, either using QR code or a One Time Secret Code.

i) To share via QR code, on the main ‘My Card’ page, under Quick Access click on “Instant Share via App”. Your QR code is displayed. Scan the QR code using Cardinbox app and your card will be sent to the scanning device.

ii) To share via OTP, on the main ‘My Card’ page, under Quick Access click on “Instant Share via App”. Your OTP code is displayed. Send the OTP by SMS or Email. When the other user enters the OTP in the app your card will be sent to his or her device.

If you want to send your business contact information to someone who does not have the app installed, you can share your card using SMS or Email. The contact card with your business information can be directly saved to the other person’s contact book.
Cardinbox eliminates the need to print and carry paper business cards. We believe that Cardinbox will enhance your efficiency and productivity of communicating with your business ecosystem. However we know that it is difficult to completely stop using business cards, and just in case you run out of battery and need a back up. If you’re wondering what to do with all the extra printed cards, we recommend making coasters for your office.
Yes. You can access you own card and your inbox while offline. You can even share your card using SMS if you don’t have data coverage.
Your data is completely safe. It is inaccessible to anyone without your consent. We promise to keep your data private and safe.
The Cardinbox App is totally free to download and use. All our features are open for users and we do not have any hidden fees or in app purchases.
During account creation, we verify the email id you have signed up with an OTP, to ensure that all the accounts on our platform are verified.
To verify your email, we send an OTP to the email id entered. When you enter the OTP successfully, your account is created and validated.
The account creation will not be successful if you enter the wrong OTP. We will nudge you to check the OTP and try again to successfully complete your registration process.
If you do not receive an OTP at the first try, you can click on “Resend OTP”. If the problem persists, you can write to us at and we will rectify the problem immediately.
A default card is a card created for each user on the basis of their registration information. It is a card with the basic information, i.e. First name, Last name and Email id. This card is created so that every user has a shareable card until they set up their official business card.
The default card is system generated and cannot be deleted. If you have an official business card uploaded, the default card is hidden. If you choose to deactivate your current card, the default card becomes active, so people can at least request your basic contact information.
When you upload your official business card it goes under transcription. If the transcription is successful, the official business card then replaces the default card.
When someone requests access to your card, their request is shown as an Approval in your app. You can either confirm or delete the request.
Once you confirm an approval your card is accessible to the user that requested it. It is added to their inbox.
If you don’t take either action on the request, it will remain in your approvals till any action is taken on it.
When you upload card images from ‘Scan a card’, the images are processed by our system. If the card is valid, and the transcription is successful, it gets added to your inbox. You can access and consume the scanned cards in your inbox.
We try to maintain a very high level of accuracy in transcription of information from the scanned business card. To maintain the accuracy, the information is processed and authenticated on our end, which may take up to 8 business hours.
Once the cards are successfully processed, they added to your inbox, where you can view them and access the information on them.
You will be notified if the transcription is unsuccessful. You will be required to upload the images again.
In some cases, the scan process might be unsuccessful if the uploaded card images are rejected. This could happen because,
  • Font of the card is not readable
  • Images uploaded are not of a card
  • Poor image quality
  • Language on the card is not English
  • Multiple cards uploaded as one
To convert a business card exchange into a long term connection, we let you invite the person whose card you have scanned, to connect with you on Cardinbox and stay updated on their latest information changes Invite people from your scanned card works in two ways:
  1. If the Auto Invite setting in your privacy settings is switched on, an email invite is automatically sent to all the people whose card you have scanned
  2. You can manually invite people to connect on Cardinbox by clicking ‘Invite’ on their card information page
The invitation we send on your behalf, invites the person to join Cardinbox and connect with you so that you can stay updated on each other’s business information.
To turn off the Auto Invite feature go to “Settings”, click on “Privacy Settings” and turn off the “Automatically send invites” button.
When a person you have invited takes up your invitation and joins Cardinbox, we send them a request on your behalf to get access to their latest card information.
When you “Request Card” from someone’s profile, they receive a notification and an email for approval of the request. Once they confirm your request, you get access to their card and it is added to your inbox.
If you change your mind about a request you’ve sent, you can cancel the request from the profile or find the request in “Pending Requests” and undo it.
If some time has passed and you have not got a response from the user, you can undo your request and request their card again. This would send them a fresh notification for your request.
When a connections uploads a new card, you will get a notification that their card has been updated. The new card is sent to your inbox, where you can view it.
When you upload a new card, the images are sent for verification and transcription through our system. If the card is valid, and the transcription is successful, it gets updated in your connections’ inbox and a notification is sent to all your connections. Your previous card becomes a part of your ‘Card History’.
In some cases, the process might be unsuccessful if the uploaded card images are rejected. This could happen because,
  • Font of the card is not readable
  • Images uploaded are not of a card
  • Poor image quality
  • Language on the card is not English
  • Multiple cards uploaded as one
All your connections can see your latest updated card in their inbox. Connections that have blocked you or have been blocked by you cannot view these changes and will not get a notification when you update your card.
When you upload a new business card on Cardinbox, we maintain the previous versions of your card as your ‘History cards’ and can be seen in your ‘Card Update Histroy’. Similarly, when your connections update their business cards, all the previous cards they have shared with you, can be seen in their ‘Card Update History’.
You can migrate all your business cards and Profile information to a new account created with a different email id. You can choose to the Migrate Account from the Service Info tab in settings and enter the email id to which you want to migrate your information. The process will be started at our end to migrate your information securely.
You will receive email communication from us stating that your account migration has been initiated and once again when the account migration is successfully completed.
When your migrate from one account to another, all the business cards stored in your inbox and your public profile information is migrated to the new account. The origin account from which you have migrated will be deleted after successful migration.
When your card is not valid anymore, you can deactivate it to stop others from sharing it. Deactivating your card turns into a history card and can be viewed from your profile. In the interim, till you upload a new card, your default card then becomes your active card and can be used for sharing. This change is reflected in the inboxes of all your connections as an update.
To deactivate your card open “My Card”, click on the settings icon in the top right corner and choose the “Deactivate” option.
The card cannot be deleted from the system. Once deactivated, the card becomes a history card.
Go to the person’s profile you want to block, click on the settings icon in the top right corner and choose “Block”. You can unblock the user from the ‘Blocked’ list in your Privacy settings.
When you block someone they will no longer be able to find you or communicate with you on Cardinbox. After blocking, if you have exchanged cards, their card is deleted from your inbox, your card is deleted from theirs.
Revoking a card from a connection on Cardinbox means restricting access to your card and its further updates.
When you revoke card access from a connection, your card will be deleted from their inbox permanently and they will not receive further updates of your card. If you wish to grant access to your card again, the connection will have to add your card again to their inbox.

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